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About Ross

Ross Strong

Ross Strong is the son of Dr. Lillian and Dr. Raymond Strong. They both instilled in Ross as a child, a profound love of God and they did this by exposing him to the concept of serving the poor.

Dr. Raymond Strong was a passionate theologian and a graduate of Harvard, Yale, Prinston and Oxford universities.

Dr. Rev. Raymond Strong was also the president of the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico, as well as the president of the Bible Society in the Caribean.

Dr. Rev. Raymond Strong was also a director of the Religion and Ethics Department of the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico.

As a very young lad, Ross began helping in his parents ministry and traveled with them to many diferent countries. Even though Ross always had an altruistic spirit, it was'nt until his adult life that he identified his true Calling.

He discovers that he can evangelize and spread the News of Jesus by serving the people in most need.

Ross is presently one of the directors of Strong International Ministry, Inc.. This ministry was formed to provide for emotional, spiritual and physical assistance to those who are less fortunate.

It was also formed to prepare and equip God's people throughout the world, to discover their own calling, purpose and identity in God's kingdom.

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